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Top 5 Spotify Playlists To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

Recently at Mika Georgia, we gave Spotify’s Pet Playlist Creator a whirl.

Based on your liked songs, genre preferences and recently played tracks, Spotify’s robust algorithm can produce a list of 30 tracks to ease your dog’s anxiety (and make you feel less guilty about leaving them home alone for hours!)

Although Spotify’s automated selection produces an eclectic array of music — from upbeat, bopper anthems to LoFi, chill vibes — it doesn’t quite outperform the below 5 Spotify Playlists to ease your dog’s anxiety that we discovered after much research and trial.

The playlists below feature a combination of melodies, sounds and tonal frequencies that we found to be much more appealing and relaxing than the automated selection.

So, before you head out and leave your furry friend fussing in his crate or clawing at the door, ask Google Home or Alexa (or whatever sound device you have at home) to play one of the lists below (and thank us later!)

Top 5 Spotify Playlists To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

1. Music for Dog's Ears – Calm Music for Dogs – Relaxing Nature Sounds to Soothe Anxious Pet, Music Therapy, Pet Relaxation

With soothing piano keys over a backdrop of nature sounds, including the prominent chirping of birds, Music for Dog’s Ears is a thoughtful mix of ambient, relaxing tunes that will guide your pooch into a peaceful slumber.

Track # 10, “Sleeping and Dreaming,” is a standout in this ethereal collection!

2. Baby Xylophone Music

Wait. Xylophone music? Seriously?


You might be wondering why a xylophone instrument would ever make its way outside of kindergarten and into a top 5 Spotify playlist to ease your dog’s anxiety.

Well, just give this one a go (ignoring that it was conceptualized for babies) and you’ll soon understand why.

With Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 covers all done in xylophone, this spunky selection doesn’t disappoint.

3. Dog Music – Dog Music for Dogs, Relaxing Music for Pets and Calm Pet Music

This playlist exudes the calming qualities of artists like Enya and Enigma (sidenote: if you were born after 1985, you might need to look them up!)

This album is a definite must-hear in the top 5 Spotify playlists to ease your dog’s anxiety!

4. Pet Care Club - Calming Sounds to Relax Dogs

The Pet Care Club on Spotify has dozens of playlists to choose from.

Their latest rendition of calming sounds features 50 tracks that may also serve as background music for studying or working from home while your furry friend dozes off on the couch nearby.

A notable entry on this playlist to ease your dog’s anxiety is track # 47, “Sands of Time.” Check it out!

5. Film Scores For Sleeping

What do “How To Train Your Dragon” “Finding Nemo” and “Up” have in common?

Well, besides being awesome animated films, they also boast incredible music scores that your pooch can enjoy when he’s feeling extra anxious.

Some legendary film composers are featured here, such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman and James Newton Howard.

So kick back, relax and enjoy this eclectic collection of Spotify playlists to ease your dog’s anxiety!

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