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How To Adopt A Dog In 3 Easy Steps

Adopting a dog may seem like a painstaking process, but it’s actually simpler and more straightforward than you might think.

The word “adoption” can be off-putting, especially when you consider the cost and paperwork involved.

But adopting a dog isn’t as tedious as you’d think. And the long-term rewards of welcoming a new furry member to your family far outweigh the brief amount of work you’ll put into the adoption process.

There are various pure and mixed breeds ready for a new home and you can choose whichever pooch your heart desires. 

If it’s your first time at the kennel or shelter, allow us to guide you through how to adopt a dog in 3 easy steps!

How To Adopt A Dog In 3 Easy Steps

1. Find and work with a trusted dog shelter or kennel.

Most rescue kennels and shelters have standard dog adoption procedures, but you might also procure a four-legged friend from a private owner.

If the shelters you’re working with have a website, you can browse the available breeds and review their distinctive profiles, some of which will include their names and personality traits. You can also filter for sex, coat color and age. Some shelters even have an Instagram page that you could follow, like this one!

But if you’re not having much luck on the web, you can explore local ads or consult with your veterinary clinic of choice, perhaps somewhere your future pup is likely to be attended by a physician.

Each year, approximately 3.3 million dogs are looking for a new home. So, no matter which path you decide, you’ll find many amazing dogs to choose from.

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, fill out a formal application to begin the adoption process and become one step closer to joining a worldwide community of happy dog owners.

2. Schedule an interview.

After the shelter (or owner) has reviewed your application and is satisfied with your qualifications, it’s likely that they’ll invite you for an interview. 

The purpose of the interview is to better assess your level of commitment and preparedness when it comes to caring for your prospective pet. Answer each of the questions honestly and with candor to ensure that the application reviewer understands your intentions and has a clear picture of how you plan to care for your future dog.

Be forewarned that some of the interview questions can seem prying or intrusive because the folks in charge of reviewing your application and finding a permanent home for “Buddy” want the very best for him. So, don’t freak out if a question comes off strongly. Remember, they want you to adopt the pet they’re harboring. Take a deep breath, be yourself and we’re sure that you’ll pass the interview with flying colors!

Upon acing the interview, some shelters might charge a small fee for their time while others won’t, so please do expect a cost at the very least.

3. Caring for your new pet.

Now that you’re a brand new dog owner (gulp!) and are in possession of your dog's paperwork, such as immunization records, city dog license, etc., it's time to bond with your newest family member!

It’ll take some time, patience and training to provide your dog with the tools and resources he or she will need to succeed in their new life. 

A great beginner’s best-practice is to place your Mika Georgia T-shirt or blanket in your dog’s bed so that he or she can become acquainted with your scent. You should also consider pet insurance, find a trusted Vet clinic for regular check-ups and pay special attention to your pet’s diet (plenty of dogs are allergic to grains, which is a common ingredient in kibble.)

So, now that we’ve filled you in on how to adopt a dog in 3 easy steps, what are you waiting for?!

Man’s best friend is one shelter visit away!

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